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Christmas Tree Recycling Project

What will you do with your Christmas Tree after all of those Holiday parties are over?
Pack 17 Cub Scouts of Dundee School
will pick up your tree after the holidays and take it to a City Recycling Center
on Saturday, January 3rd.
All trees must be undecorated and tinsel free. No artificial trees please!
If you are interested in helping out cub scouts with this recycling project,
please complete the form below.
Drop request form off requests at Dundee Hardware in our special box
or contact Pack 17 Cubmaster Ken Mitchell at 558-7580.
A donation of $5.00 per tree is requested.

Christmas Tree Pickup Request Form

Please detach this section and attach donation with request.

Name: ________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________

Note: We will call you to make arrangements for a good pickup time.

Thank you in advance for supporting
Pack 17 Cub Scouts