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Sir Isaac Newton Contribution

Sir Isaac Newton has contributed to many educational subjects, but we will look at math.Sir Isaac Newton considerd himself a self-taught in all of all mathematics. He did not limit himself to just one subject in math, and that is why he made contributions to all branches of mathematics. Newton is most famous in his solutions in analytical geometry. He drew tnagents to curves and defined areas bounded by curves. He also had a book published of his work on pure mathematics, even though later in life he expressed regret for the algebraic style he came up with many theories for it.With such a mathematical tool as the calculus, Newton was able to calculate the mass of each of the planets; sun and earth included. He estimated that the earth's density was between five and six times that of water (the figure by scientists today is 5.5). "The calculus, as developed by Newton, could be used and was used by him for the solving of a great variety of mechanical and hydrodynamic problems. It immediately became the mathematical instrument for all understanding of variables and motion, and hence of all mechanical engineering, and remained almost the exclusive one until well into the present century. In a very real sense it was as much an instrument of the new science as the telescope."(From Bernal's Science in History op. cit., p. 484.)