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What's the coolest things about our guild?


get this gear!
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Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! This site will have some images as soon as I get some. I am also going to add some tips to neopets. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please click on one of the banners above and sign up! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here is the guild's updates!
17 members we are not growing fast but we will!;)

Faeriegirl5191 has the current Guild Shop

2.Join a guild! A guild is like a club where you can chat and get items and tips Link to the guild I am in:

get this gear!

Things to go to everyday! (and other links)

Healing Springs(visit every 45 minutes)
Coltzan's Shrine(visit once a day)
Fruit Machine(visit once a day)
Wanna See The Pets You Can Choose From?
After You Sign Up Want To Neomail Me With Questions?
Tombola(visit once a day)
The ___*F*A*E*R*I*E*Z___ guild
Scratchcard Kiosk(buy a scratchcard once every 6 hours for 600nps)
Wheel Of Excitement(100nps once every 2 hours)
Free Jelly!!!!(once per day)