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Welcome to the story of my life


This is one of just a few pictures of me before my 1st birthday.. and unfortuneately..one of the only ones in my possesion

Baby Murph

( 21 months)

My name is Mark, I'm 38 years old, and I was born with Aperts. I was born on Jan.17, 1964 I was born in a small hospital, the doctor had never seen an aperts child, so he referred my parents to a pediatrition,(sp?) Dr. Bosley in a bigger town. Upon his retirement, we were sent all the records he kept of me, my last time seeing him being in 1988. ( He requested we continue to visit him to allow him to somewhat follow my life) At birth, my fingers and thumbs were grown together,the bones being fused at the knuckles, as were my toes, Dr. Bosley commented in his notes "it was not necessary to create artificial sutures".He said I appeared to be healthy, tho he questioned...doubted whether I'd ever sit up on my own. In Oct ' 65 the first of two surgeries were done to my right hand, seperating the fingers and thumb.The second surgery was in April ' 67, they deepened the webs between fingers and thumb. I have three fingers and thumb on right hand.They took skin grafts from my right leg. April 1966 the first of three surgeries was performed on my left hand, to seperate the fingers and thumb, skin grafts were taken from my left leg. A month later, when dressing was changed, they found the grafts had not taken very well,had developed "dry gangrene." At that point, they removed the tips of two fingers, and deepened the webs of all of them slightly.At that time, I had three fingers and a thumb on the left hand, one finger having two bones at it's base.It was removed in January, 1968.They thought I'd have better use of the hand as in grasping an object.

Hospital visit



(age 5)

They also wanted to remove the index finger of my right hand, but decided against it. Actually, I was asked MY opinion... and I vetoed the idea. In ' 72 I had an extra bone that was protruding out the bottom of each foot removed,as it was causing discomfort when I was on my feet, and the area would turn raw when I went swimming...due to the rough bottom of the swimming pool. My skull is a little taller than "normal", and I have a curved spine, I also have sleep apnea, and as a teen had bad acne,and many ear infections as a child. I was raised on a farm, Dad quit because of the economy in Feb.' 82. My brother rented the farm from our landlord for one year, so We stayed on the farm, until I left for college.My parents moved to town in January the following year. I graduated high school in 1982, went to a two year college,failed a class that never was made up, so I'm just short of an associates degree in agriculture.At this time, I have no plans to make it up,as the economy is especially hard for the farmers, and I have a successful and happy career going.I am a janitor at a manufactureing plant, May of '03 will be my 15th anniversary there, However, quite unfortuneately my employer has changed, the company I started with lost the contract to clean the plant... Six years ago I purchased a house, not long after I took in four cats, that manage to keep me amused....and at the store constantly buying cat food. I feel very lucky, as my health has been real good, except for a time or two having pnemonia, and once having chicken pox, I have never had a serious illness.

I owe my success to a very loving family..whom have loved and supported me my whole life..and to my friends I've grown up with...who treated me "as one of the crowd"

I asked my Mom once...if she was "disappointed" the day I was born...Her reply was a resounding NO... She said Dad and Her got EXACTLY what they expected.. A BABY TO LOVE.. Which will be MY expectations if I ever marry and my wife has kids...I will expect to get a BABY TO LOVE...

IF I have ONE regret in my 38 years...it is that no more than a handful of pictures exist of me before my 5th birthday...moral of the story people.. TAKE MANY PICTURES OF YOUR KIDS WHEN THEY'RE BABIES!!!!

**UPDATE** Eight years later......My life has been thru quite a change.... I lasted almost 3 years with the "new employer" that I had an ugly feeling about...I was transferred out of the Facility I had been in....in Jan 2005...to a bigger place..well....the supervisor there..had NO business being a supervisor...and I knew it would be a waste of time and breath to try to talk to management...so I decided to stick with it as long as I could....then seek out other options...I lasted with them until April...at which time My Urologist Doctor found signs of kidney stones again...and wanted to go take care of them... Knowing it was going to cost Me a few weeks off work...and knowing the company I worked for wanted to get rid of Me...I saved them the hassle...and turned in My 2 week notice. My logic was...Me missing the time I was going to miss...they'd probably fired Me anyway...as it turned out....a couple weeks later while I was recovering from the first Stones procedure, I got sick enough..I went to see My regular Doctor... He promptly admitted Me to the local hospital...where I went thru many tests..I dont remember what all they did...but they decided I still had signs of kidney stones so made arrangements for yet another surgery...so started the process of transferring Me to a bigger hospital where they did such procedures..May 6 I had the second surgery...was recovering in the Hospital when they decided I had a severe blood infection..took them bout 3 more weeks battling that...finally getting a release around May 24...but having a "pic line" (spelling?) in My arm so they could administer antibiotics daily....for 6-8 weeks.. in all I would have been out of work from Apr 12...til July 30...Im figuring forsure would have gotten fired....so there is absolutely NO remorse about giving up that worthless job...other then the fact I eventually lost My house... They say things happen for a reason..and I think even the loss of My house was a blessing...because I moved home...and assisted in the care taking of My Dad before He passed in Oct 2007...Since then My older Sis who was also here and the primary caretaker of Dad (He had Alzheimers) moved out...at which time I became the caretaker of My Mom. shortly after I quit work I applied for...and eventually got disability...I figured My budget wrong..hence having to walk away from My house..Was because of the grace and generousity of a few "Angels" providing financial help...I was able to make it without a paycheck from April...to roughly November 2005...I will forever be grateful to them.

Old Man Murph

(~age 38)

Page was created January 4, 2003