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Sailor Hentai Nekojin

Name: Midnight Star
Senshi name: Sailor Hentai Nekojin
D.O.B:Long ago in a different place...
Age: Unknown
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100
Blood Type: Unknown
Sign: Leo
Favorite Colors: Anything dark
Symbol:Leo symbol with a dildo
Stone: Peridot
Weapon:A dildo handled sword
Hobbies:Figuring out new ways to pleasure her significant other or someone else and playing with tentacle demons.
Favorite food:Chocolate
Likes: Hentai,cookies,silk panties,bondage
Dislikes: People who like pain.
Henshin Wand: A pink dildo with a golden round thing at the top and an H in it.
Fears:Heights and the bondage faeries.
Items:A whip,gentai magazine shield and a sword

Fuku Collar:Red
Elbow bands;Blue
Skirt(very short):Red Boots: Blue knee high.
The rest has two red bands wrapped around her
upper arms and the body suit only consists of
A slightly thick strap going down her back and
barely any of the top of it covering her chest.

Henshin transformation Phrase:
Hentai power make up


Pretty Pervy Strike:
I'm guessing she uses a powered up sword with a dildo shapped handle to hit a badguy with.

Hentai Nectar Splash:
Three guesses how THAT works.

Hentai Magazine Shield

Hentai Neko Flash

Jello Wrestle Jiggle:
A vat of jello appears and she pulls the enemy into the vat.
This causes a big distraction if her fuku gets pulled off.

Neko Demonatrix Whip

Hentai Heart Beams

Hentai Sonic Flash

Sailor Hentai Neko's bishounen.

Vahan Fanel
Gene Starwind

Non bishounen. Marvel comic guys



Midnight Star's new plugsuit It might get more skimpier

Henshin wandYes that is the dildo henshin wand of Sailor Hentai Neko.

Sailor Hentai Neko kneeling.

Hentai NekoInna cute pose.

Hello cutie. Hentai Neko looking at you...Sort of.

She slices and dices! With her dildo handled sword. ^_^

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