Vanilla was a Babaa who was the most powerful PetPet Fighter around. She had a level higher than any opponent and she banded together with her best friend Camjven the Halloween Whoot. Their mission? Protect Neopia from all evil.


It was a warm spring day. Vanilla and Camjven were holidaying on Mystery Island, playing volleyball on the beach. The ocean was sparkling blue and the sky clear and bright. A crowd of Neopians were watching them play.

As you probably know, beachballs are very light objects. You can hit one very hard, it goes forward a few feet then slowly floats across. Well this ball was as ordinary as any other, but Vanilla and Camjven were playing with such almighty power that the ball was speeding through the air like a comet!

"Yah!" "Haiyah!" "Woah!" "Oof!"

Vanilla swung out a paw and knocked the ball into the air, and Camjven soared into the sky and headbutted it towards the sand. It nearly hit the ground by about a millimetre, but the Babaa smashed it right back up into the sky at the speed of light. It was very exciting.

"Shield!" cried Camjven. A blue bubble of energy fired off his wicked scythe blade and onto the ball. It hit the ground in the time it took to blink.

"Hey, no fair!" laughed Vanilla. "My point!"

She turned around, giggling, and laughed even harder when she saw the faces of the onlookers. Camjven spun upside down in midair, laughing so much he got stitches. Eventually they packed up the net and the ball and left.

Their boat was tied to the docks, and it was on it they clambered. With a splash of water they were off, sailing along the ocean towards Neopia central for some rest and relaxation.

"Hey, what's that place?" Camjven asked.

They looked in the distance. A tiny island was visible, surrounded by a thick mist. What looked like an ancient temple stood on the mountaintop. "Let's go check it out," said Vanilla cheerfully.

The two friends changed course for the tiny island. As they got closer they could see that it wasn't that tiny at all. In fact, it was only as big as Roo Island. It looked much more spooky close up.

The PetPets clambered onto shore, Camjven shining his lethal scythe blade on his black coat, Vanilla pulling two diamond Sais from within her fluffy coat of wool. Her wool came in handy for storing a number of things, such as weapons, ropes, food and healing potions.

Atop the temple they could see what looked like a laser beam of some sort. They looked at each other, nodded, and jumped almost ten feet straight up, swooping through the air and onto the hard stone.

Waiting for them was a Halloween Doglefox. It was a wooden brown with deadly claws. And beside it was a Halloween Pinklet, white as a vampire and with a cape to rival one. And beside that was the enormous laser beam.

"Bit early for Halloween, isn't it?" asked Vanilla, juggling her Sais menacingly.

The Pinklet swung its cape and vanished in a puff of smoke, hissing "I'll leave you to deal with these pathetic PetPets, Slasher." The Doglefox nodded, then flicked a switch on the laser.


The beam zapped Vanilla, making her float up into the air and drop again, puffing slightly. Slasher laughed evilly. "Excellent. The Mindwash Temple has worked again! I heard you were the most powerful PetPet. So now I have controlled your brain. Now you have joined us! Destroy this pathetic Whoot!"

Vanilla looked up at Camjven and the bird backed into the stone. Her normally bright twinkling blue eyes were now cold red ones, and she looked like she was about to slice him, dice him and throw him into the sea.

"Uh oh ..." he whispered. She attacked.


To be continued ...
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