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Laura Headquarters

What Is this 'Story'??
Well, ok, um... well, this is a story inspired by Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Toilken, so if you see any similarities, it is most likley from that, ^^. Anyway, if you have any questions a/b it, you can always look under the navigation for "Characters" and "Glossary" and stuff like that, and if none of it answers your questions, then you could always contact me and I would be more than happy any questions!

About My Story
I know that I could go on and on forever about my story (cause I am writing it) but since it is not done, I have no clue where it is going to go!
I try laying out a plot where this and this and this is going to happen @ these times, but you know it never happens! ^^
So to make a long story short it is a/b the one who will come and bring justice to evil... in midevil & magic times!! ^^

What's New??
Well, ok, um... i really like this layout! Audrey & Jennifer, I know you'll like this... a lot. Ricky too! Cause of the dragon! I know, Audrey, that you like tigers more than dragons and Catherine and Shannon are off on their Princess gig (who needs a preincess when I can be the Green Goddess!!! Ok, well maybe I am a little wack! ^^
Well, what else?? hmm... if you want your name featured on this page, then please feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to 'posty' you! ^^

What is Open On This Page Anyway??
Ok... I have only gotten 2 things done! !!!!! UGH! Well, they are the characters and then, of course, the glossary of special terms for those not familiar with my story! However, everything else is... down. (*sniff!*) NOT EVEN THE GUESTBOOK!! WAAAAA!!!! I'll be okay... (*sniff!*)

Copyrights & Linkware
Thank you Day Dream Graphics for allowing me to download such a cool layout!! And thank you SO MUCH Dragon Spooker for creating such a cool layout!! Oh you all are so cool!! ^^
All parts of my story: map, plotlines, characters & descriptions of, and all ideas are ©2002 to ME, a.k.a. Laura McGrath! ^^

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