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I must admit that this is a first for me, using a complex layout and I am not so sure that I am 100% ok with it. This is going to take a long time to edit and clean up before I get to the final product. (*sigh!*)


Hey hey! This is a part of the test box!! Hehehe! Maybe this layout isn't fully working... with mouseovers and everything... but it still looks pretty cool, huh? Hehehehehe!!

Please be sure to hang out @ all my other cool sites like The Sailor Moon Palace or Malikriss Dollz!. I have made HTML Help is not fully up yet, but I am working on the deatails! Please be sure to stop by! ^^

Imagin Staff Members!!

We have a new staff @ Imagin This! Purple Princess & Ditto have headed the mainstream of things and new members are recuting as we speak. Please respect the Staff, and to learn more about the current Staff, or how to become a staff member, please see the Imagin This Staff Page.

New stuff going on! We have an Imagin This Top 20 List with all the Staff's top 20 favorites from fav. color, fav. song, fav. animal, fav. movie, fav. ANYTHING! Also be sure to check out the new Imagin This Top 10 Songs that includes the Staff's playlist! ^^

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