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I can still feel your eyes looking so deep into mine, the way you just kept staring into me and,
even though you didnít know it, my heart was leaping for joy of having you there next to me.

To feel your soft kisses on my hand as you held it, then feeling the softness of your cheek
as I am pressed against it, is the same feeling of my heart soaring way beyond where I sit.

I feel your hand begin to sweat with mine as you hold it there. I take it, gently, and return
the favor of showering it with kisses, a favor I pray I could give to your mouth. I hold your
hand close to my cheek, and wonder if you are feeling what I felt.

Your simple presence has filled me with an emotion. One I cannot describe with words.
As I stare back into your eyes, I can feel you thinking even if I cannot hear it. You
look at me, searching my soul and peering down into the depths of it. I feel exposed that you
know so much about me, but at the same time I feel so close when you are near to me.

And the time you held me. I felt so alone before, longing for the feeling of someone to
fly me away and tell me it was going to be all right. You did everything, you wrapped your
arms around me and I could hear you. I do not hear you for your words, but I hear you for your

The way I feel when I am with you is unlike any other I have ever felt before. It isnít very
easy to describe, but please know that every time my imagination stares into your eyes, I can
feel you there and I know that everything is going to be alright. You are there with me, holding
me with your arms, and holding me under your spell with your very eyes.

I love you.

©2002 Laura McGrath

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