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Where can I go to Get...


My personal favorite is Bravenet that has a long list of addicts you can use for your site: Guestbooks, Counters, Forums, Chat, redirect, etc. It is actuall pretty nice.
Some other options are: The, HTML Gear (which I don't like because it requires cookies), Spirit Books, Dreambook,, and Guestbook Central.


Again, a personal favorite is Bravenet. But If you don't like them, then you could try...
Site Counter, Gumball-Tracker, Boing Dragon Counters, Extreme Tracker, The Counter, Add Free Stats, Web Trends, and Star Track.


My current Web-host is At first I thought is was really cool becasue I could have any background I wanted with almost any color text, link, etc. I thought it was
great! (Keep in mind I was feeding off Expage.) However, as I got better aquainted with Angelfire, I discovered it was not the greatest of Hosts and puts ads all over my site!
However, I couldn't find one that was better, so here are the many others that I have tried: (for the slightly newer programmer),,, I can't think of any more right now, but I'm sure I will later. ^^