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luv me, luv ma counter!


I must admit that this is a first for me, using a complex layout and I am not so sure that I am 100% ok with it. This is going to take a long time to edit and clean up before I get to the final product. (*sigh!*)


Hey. How is everybody?? New members are recruting to the new "IMAGIN THIS" Staff! YAY! I am so excited! Current members are Purple Princess & Ditto and work is commensing fast! We are working on Beginners HTML Help, and for those of you who want complex HTML, go to Lissa Explains it & you won't regret it! It is actually a good site. ^^

IMAGIN Staff Members

We are not working on the Staff Members Pages until we get everything else up, or at least partly stable. Members Glory is not a current issue for work. It is you that we care about, so HOP TO IT and bookmark us! ^^. j.k.

New stuff going on! We have an Imagin This Top 20 List with all the Staff's top 20 favorites from fav. color, fav. song, fav. animal, fav. movie, fav. ANYTHING! Also be sure to check out the new Imagin This Top 10 Songs that includes the Staff's playlist! ^^

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