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So, What is "HTML"?

"HTML is the special coding of numbers, letters and sybols that make up a webpage.
Even the color of fonts are made up of a special code. We'll go over that later. For now,
let me give you some examples:

Ok, To skip a couple of lines, you would type in

<br> and that would make you skip a few lines. Confusing?? Ok, well let me put it another way...

HTML is what makes blue font blue. You can't just say "I want Blue Font!" and have it
be there. You have to put in a certain number of numbers and symbols to make it work.
I have heard it compared to baking a cake: you can just say "I want this!" you have to
have a certain ammount of certain things in order to have a masterpiece. This is like
HTML. You have to have the right ingreedents to bake your cake.

So I wanted something simple like Blue font. I would type in:<font color="blue">Your text goes here</font> and then it would be Blue! Same goes for Red, Green, and Purple.
Simple Now??

HTML can be simple like the blue fonts, and it can also be very complex. Again, just
like baking your cake: baking chocolate chip cookies is simple, but making chocolate
cheesecake is much more complicated.
Blue font is like chocolate chip cookies, but some other complex things, like having
flowers fall down your screen and building complex layouts are like baking cheesecake.
It takes a while to learn it, so you start with the basics first. Just like cooking: you
wouldn't start out baking wedding cakes for the president of the US, you would start
with the basic chocolate cake.

I hope this has helped you better understand HTML. If it hasen't,
please contact me here and I would be more than happy to answer your HTML questions! ^^.

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