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(listed alphabetically)

Ballie- The opposite of a human, that when tortured becomes a member of Mur’s armies and is the opposite of a man.

Demon Watchmen- The opposite of Elves. They are Orcs, but tortured even more so and the few that survived the extreme torture (nine) are called Demon Watchmen.

Dragon- A mythological “beast” that can breath fire and often has wings. Obey DragonLords.

DragonLord- One who has control of, and become, dragons. Usually immortal, or can live to a very old age.

Dwarf- a short, stocky man, resembles a human, usually have beards (only men though!)

Elf- a tall, lean, immortal creature, usually with blonde hair and blue eyes. In touch with nature and never would “hurt” it, but are most times good fighters.

Elipson- The opposite of Dwarfs, again tortured by Mur, and most times have tails and sharp claws.

Forest Guardian- a magical creature that is appointed to be a guardian of a specific forest and their power is used to protect and guard the forest. Only the pure of heart may guard the forest, and they usually have a group of “soldiers” that also help guard it.

Ghost Dragons- the opposite of dragons. Since dragons can not be tortured, they are simply “killed but not dead” and their ghost afterimages do just as much damage as the real dragon.

Ghost DragonLords- see “Ghost Dragons” only for DragonLords.

Human- YOU!

Maeji- A magical telepathic, immortal person, usually very tall, and can move things with their mind, including teleportation and themselves.

Mieke- The opposite of a Maeji, again done by Mur (he’s so creative!!)

Orcs- The opposite of elves. Mur again!

Tog- A wise, all knowing book bound with dragon skin, written in invisible ink on leather pages. A face appears on the cover to whoever he wants to talk to, and he only tells you what he wants you to know.

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