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While sex is often abused by many people now-a-days, it still does not make sex bad. See, its more of a conceptional thing. Sex, in itself, and as a whole, is not "bad". However, using sex for anything other than procreation or marriage, IS "bad" and quite punishable on judgement day if not reconciled.

Let's look at it this way: God made sex, anything God made is good, therefore... sex is good. However, as every good thing comes (such as ice cream, or cookies) they need to be taken into account of how exactly you use them. You are not to indulge into a cookie, simply because it tastes good, but because you are hungry. The same is with sex, you do not indulge into it simply because it feels good, you do it to procreate and suspend the world's lifespan. The fact that it is pleasurable is merely an added bonus.

So to briefly summarize all of this up... the answer to your question is no, sex is not bad when used correctly and for the moral reasons.

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