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Nickname: Kray-z Kerri, Nay Nay, Charnatasauce, Carney, Charnaynay

Age: 13 1/2

Birthday: December 3rd 1989

Country: USA

Gender: Female (Duh)

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brownish Reddish (Can only see the red in the light)

Height: About 5' 4"

Weight: 116 lbs.

House or Apartment: House

Race: Bi-racial

Sexuality: Straight

Room: I have my own (yay)

Cell phone?: Not yet...well...kinda...

Pets: Cat: Little Pal

Siblings: 3 brothers (2 live wit me)- Jonathan- 15 Dante- 8 or 9 Troy- 4 Sisters- Bianca- 10