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Lim Mun's Rantings:

Well if you came here looking for a laugh then I hope my outlook on life will provide one. I know it is pitifull enough to make me laugh so I figured what the hell, what not see if it can do the same for others. This rant will be updated weekly depending on what ever I feel like rambling about, so sit back and enjoy the ride!


Well it's been a wild ride. The site has (hopefully) helped entertain and ultimatly educate 998 viewers thus far. However this is only the beginning. I plan to unleash monkeys onto the moon and have them control the tides from there! Then we'll see what those capitalist pigs have to say about that eh comrad?

Well all I know is that I haven't been to this page in a while, let alone updated it. That's for many reasons, I guess me being lazy would take the top of that list. But there are other reasons, there must be, right?

Well I guess that's life, or dems the breaks. But I do intend to add some features to the page. I have no excuses save lack of time and the driving force in my life; lack of ambition. I associate that with lack of time though as the two go hand in hand. Even when I am doing absolutely nothing, I -should- be doing something and therefore -do not- have the time to do anything at all. You understand?

Well I don't care if you don't understand. that's the way things are. Now anyone who visits should tell me what they are looking for in a RolePlaying Tutorial Page and I will post it. I am eager to please. Otherwise I will slowly get the ambition to finish the other sections and add what I think is in a good page. I think however this page would soon no longer be rated a family site. Or come to think of it, even legal in the absolutely loosest sense of the term. Ah well, I'm sure a lot of people would come to see that anyways. People are funny that way aren't they?

Well I do know one thing. I hate Pokemon. God do I hate those cute little balls of fur! I want to grate Pikachu's face off using a rusty cheese grater, and use the filings to cover my pizza! When will this craze ever die??? I do believe what I heard on the net recently though, all things begin and end with Pokemon. I'm sure pikachu zapped the primordeal ooze and created life. Now that our almighty creators have returned and been enslaved by humans, the fall of civilization is upon us.

Well I'm going home to sleep now. It seems like the fitting thing to do rather then do something. As I said; lack of time. I wonder though, did you clue in that I started every paragraph with 'Well' except for this one. Theres a little food for thought...

Well now that I think about it, maybe not. Well I tried. Later all. Remember email me with suggestions.


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