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April 19,2001
WHAT UP!!! Hey everyone. Well, not much done on the site today, but I made an important descision. I want this site to be as professional as possible, so deleted the pages containing gifs and the games. First, they really dont pertain to the Endless Waltz. Second, most personel sites do not contain them, so yeah. I did, however, started making some wallpaper!! They are for 800x600 systems. I should have some more here in the next couple a days, but they take time and concentration to make. I am also about ready to put up some pictures, so keep an eye out. Well, till next time: Peace, love, and Gundams!!

April 18,2001
Sup everyone! I finally got a table of contents up and a small list of what you can expect to find on the page. Most links are not open. Zero's link and the gifs link are open, but are still under construction. I do, however, have most of the gifs up. I am transfering material from my old site, Deathscythe's Revolution, and putting it on the site. Ooohh...for now, since I do not have the disclaimer up, here is one:
All material on the site is the property of me. I have eithered obtained the material from a trade or was scanned/captured/etc by myself. All material traded for has been acknowledged as "public property" and can not be "copyrighted." In other words: "Dont try to say stuff on the site is yours, cause it isn't!!" Thanks

Sorry about that, dont want to get in trouble! ; ) Well, check back often to see what's new. Till tomarrow. Peace, love, and Gundams!

April 17, 2001
Hey everyone! I am really liking how the site is starting to take shape. I want this to be the biggest, baddest site on the web! I am mainly working on graphics right now, finding info, watching my Endless Waltz tape, getting pictures, and collecting songs. I will start to put everything togethor very quickly. If you do come to the site, please please please...send me an e-mail and tell me how you like the basic parts that are open right now. Well, till tomarrow. Pease, love, and Gundams!

April 16, 2001
Thank you for stopping in at the Unoffical Endless Waltz Page! The site has just started, but will quickly become the best on the web! It will be jammed pack of songs, pictures, stats, information and links! Take a look at what I got now, and keep checking back in frequently to see "what's up".

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