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NOTHING Bootlegs (A CD-R and Video Trading Post)


Last Updated: April 16, 2002 (Since in April 3rd 2001)

Hoobastank Fan Source

Hoobastank Fan Source - The Ultimate Source of Hoobastank

To anyone that I have current trades with, I have had a virus on my computer and just got it back up and running. I had lost all my information on all my trades and I have gotton alot of cds and stuff in, please email me so I can get everything straight. I'm very sorry, thank you all!

I want ANY Hoobastank (Hoobustank)that I don't have! ( I do have the original Basketball Shorts, I want more live shows)


Cold-09/17/2000 Worcester, MA (25 Min) (G4)

Cold-10/07/1998 Providence, RI (25 Min) (G?)

Cold-09/12/2000 New York, NY (45 Min,) (G3)

Cold- Durham, NH 2/26/01

Glassjaw -

2/7/99 ground zero, ny

7/24/99 voodoo lounge, ny

4/16/00 elks lodge, ny

5/18/00 wreck room, ny

5/19/00 swingset, ny (record release party)45 min.

1/1/01 brownies, ny

3/11/01 wetlands, ny (3 new songs)


- Show me your titz - Live at the Whisky, Los Angeles,Ca 1996 (18 minutes - 4 songs - pro-shot)

- Live at the Troubador, Los Angeles,Ca 1996 (35 minutes - 8 songs - balcony footage)

- SkaFest from 1997 (45 minutes - 10 songs - pro-shot)

- Live/Acoustic at the Cobalt Cafe,Ca - 7-9-2000 (45 minutes - 10 songs - crowd shot)

- Live/Acoustic at Gary Livingston's party from 2000 (20 minutes )

Hoobastank- "Crawling In The Dark" Promo Video

Hoobastank-Tempe, AZ 11/19/01 @ Big Fish Pub 1st Generation**

Hoobastank- Asbery Park, New Jersey 11/3/01 @ The Saint

Hoobastank- Cambridge, MA 11/4/01 @ The Middle East

Mudvayne- Rutherford, NJ 7/20/00

Nine Inch Nails- Broken Videos

(hed) P.E.-Live in Tempe, AZ 1/31/98

Incubus - Atlanta, GA 11/6/00

Deftones - Atlanta, GA 11/6/00

Incubus-Live in Seattle, WA 12/8/98

Incubus-Live in Philidelphia, PA 11/25/00 "Back To School Tour"

Korn-Live at Woodstock 99'

Mindless Self Indulgence-Live in New York, NY 9/7/99

Mindless Self Indulgence-Live in New York, NY 12/12/99

Papa Roach-Live in Pheonix, AZ 3/27/00

The Smashing Pumpkins - Music Videos (95 min)

The Smashing Pumpkins - "Full Circle" (documentary)

Taproot-Live in Grand Rapids, MN 8/23/99

Vent-Live in Hollywood, CA 1/8/00

Vent-Tempe, AZ 12/14/01 @ Big Fish Pub 1st Generation **

Any Cold shows Video or CD-R!

MY AIM Screen Name is : VENTPapasDojo And Email is :

** Can't Trade.

Coming Soon Videos

Poison The Well- 01/07/01 - NYC,NY @ CBGBs (stage shot)/ 30min/ 1st gen-5/5 (Stage)(Digital)

Glassjaw-10/01/00 - Pittsburgh,PA/ 39min/ 1st gen- 4/4

At The Drive In- 11/21/99 - Chicago,IL @ Metro/ 47min/ 2nd gen- 5/4+

Hoobustank- "Earthsick" VIDEO

Coming Soon Cds

Alien Ant Farm-Santa Barbara, CA 4/18/01

Hoobustank- "Skafest 97"

Incubus- New York, NY 10/23/01

Incubus- On Howard Stern 10/24/01

Incubus- Calabasas, CA 10/26/01

More Incubus and Alien Ant Farm shows


2 Skinnee J's

2 Skinnee J's-Live in Chicago, IL 11/16/00


311-Live in Lincoln, NE 9/13/93 "Floodfest"

311-Live in Auburn,AL 3/9/00 (double) (B)

311-Live in Davenport, IA 3/23/00 (double)

311-Live in Atlanta, GA 6/22/00 (double)

311-Live in Birmingham, AL 6/23/00 (double)

311-Live in Atlanta, GA 10/31/00 (double)

311- London, England 1/19/02

A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle-Live in Indio, CA 10/9/99

A Perfect Circle-Live in Mesa, AZ 10/18/99

A Perfect Circle- Atlanta, GA 5/20/00

Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm - Live 10-20-01 (New Orleans, LA State Palace Theatre)

Alien Ant Farm - Live 11-16-01 (New Orleans, LA House Of Blues)


Cold-Live in New York, Ny 9/12/00

Cold-Live in Portland, OR 10/12/00

Cold- "Oddity EP"

Cold- "Project 13 EP"

The Cure

The Cure-Live in Chicago, IL 6/9/00 (double)


Deftones-Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands 10/13/97

Deftones-Live in Mountain Veiw, CA 6/20/99

Deftones-Live in London,England 6/6/00 (A)


Everclear-Live in Toronto, Canada 2/14/96

Everclear-Live in Orlando, FL 11/2/96

Everclear-Live in Cleveland, OH 11/8/97

Everclear-Live in Toronto, Canada 12/10/97

Everclear-Live in Buffalo, NY 3/13/98

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters-Live in Toronto, Ontario 4/3/96

Foo Fighters-Live in Cincinnati, OH 7/12/98

Foo Fighters-Live in Seattle, WA 12/9/99

Foo Fighters- Live in Pensacola, FL 5/5/00


Glassjaw- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EP


Hoobastank- Los Angeles, CA 11/21/01 "CD Release Party"

Hoobastank- Tour Bus Interview 12/20/01 New Orleans, LA

Hoobastank- New Orleans, LA 12/20/01 (bad quality, from hand held recorder)

Hoobastank- Live on KROQ 11/7/01 (Crawling In The Dark Acoustic)

Hoobastank- New Orleans, LA 12/20/01 (Sharp MD-MT877 (S) recorder, SP-BPF-2 bass filter (195 Hz),Sp-BMC-3 binaural microphones, Sony 74min. MiniDiscs)

Hoobastank- Cambridge, MA 1/9/02 @ The Middle East

Hoobastank- Providence, RI 1/10/02 @ Lupo's

Hoobastank- London, England 1/19/02


Hoobustank-Live at the Whisky in CA 11/11/00

Hoobustank-Live at Cobalt Cafe in CA 7/9/00

Hoobustank- Demos 95-00


Incubus-Live in France 5/15/98 incomplete (A)

Incubus-Live in the Netherlands 5/30/98 (A-)

Incubus-Live in San Francisco, CA 3/26/99

Incubus-Live in New Jersey 6/18/00 (B)

Incubus-Live in Atlanta, GA 6/22/00

Incubus-Live in Birmingham, AL 6/23/00 (B)

Incubus-Live in Columbus, OH 7/18/00 (C)

Incubus-Live at Almost Acoustic Christmas 12/17/00 (A)

Incubus-Live in Paris, France 6/12/01

Incubus - Live 10-6-01 (New Orleans, LA State Palace Theatre) (double)

Incubus- - London, England 1/19/02


Korn-Live in Mesa,AZ 3/6/97 "Gangsta Metal

Korn- "Freaks On A Leash" Los Angeles, CA 12/11/98 , Irvine Meadows, CA 6/15/96

Korn-Live at KROQ Weenie Roast 96'Non Stop Mega Mix Wicked and Twisted

Korn-Live from the Palace in CA Demos,Christmas Song

Korn-Children Of The Korn (Date? Where?)Unreleased,Demos,Remixes


L.A.P.D-(before Korn was Korn without Jonathan)original

Linkin Park

Linkin Park-Live in Orlando, FL 8/16/00


Metallica-Live in San Francisco, CA 6/10/96 (double)


Mudvayne-Live in Las Vegas ,NV 4/29/00

Mudvayne-Live in Chicago,IL 9/13/00

Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails-Live in Holywood,CA 4/27/94

Nine Inch Nails- "Woodstock 94'" Saugerties, NY (double)

Nine Inch Nails-Live in Paris,France 11/25/99(double)

Pressure 4-5

Pressure 4-5- New Orleans, LA 12/201

Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine-Live in Stockholm, Sweden 2/2/93


Slipknot-Live in Stockholm,Sweden 12/22/99

Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins- "Pumpkin Seeds" - Outtakes and Demos 1989

Smashing Pumpkins-Mashed Potatoes Coyle Tape and bonus disk

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in New York, NY 2/12/91

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Berlin, Germany 1/26/92 (double?)

Smashing Pumpkins-"Drown" Chicago, IL 7/26/93 , Hilversum, NL 6/30/93

Smashing Pumpkins-Billy's Home Demos acoustic xx/xx/94

Smashing Pumpkins-Wrapped Up In The Pleasure Of The World Live in Berkshire,UK 8/25/95 (has Mayonaise and X.Y.U that "Wanna Go For A Ride" Doesn't but they are the same show)

Smashing Pumpkins-Wanna Go For A Ride Live in Berkshire,UK 8/25/95 (has Geek USA that "Wrapped Up In The Pleasures Of The World"doesn't but they are the same show)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Chicago, IL 10/23/95 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-"Disconnect" Amsterdam, NL 12/12/95 , various other Live performances.

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Oslo, Norway 4/12/96

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in London, England 5/15/96

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Hamburg 5/14/98

Smashing Pumpkins-"Beautiful People"feat.Marilyn Manson Toronto,Canada 6/19/98,Bridge Benifit,CA 10/18/97

Smashing Pumpkins-Tivoli- Live in Stockholm, Sweden 5/25/98 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Detroit, MI 4/10/99 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Pittsburg, PA 4/17/99 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Chicago, IL 12/21/99 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Palo Alto, CA 2/6/00 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Carrboro, NC 2/19/00 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in New York, NY 2/29/00

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Providence, RI 3/2/00 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Chicago, IL 4/16/00 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins Live in Philadelphia, Pa 5/1/00 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Atlanta, GA 5/9/00 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Birmingham, AL 5/10/00 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Tokyo, Japan 7/2/00

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Barrie, Canada 8/11/00 (double)

Smashing Pumpkins-Machina 2:The Friends And Enemies Of Modern Music-And the Machina 2 EPs

Smashing Pumpkins-Live in Chicago, IL 11/29/00 (triple)


Staind-Live in Seattle, WA 12/9/99

System of a Down

System of a Down-Live in Cinncinati, OH 8/8/98


Taproot-Live in Minneapolis,MN 5/8/00

Taproot-Live in Grand Rapids, MI 7/19/00

Taproot-something more than nothing...(out of print)

Taproot-upon us (out of print)

Tom Petty

Tom Petty-Live in Boston,Mass 7/16/78


Tool-Sleep Forever,Live,Demos,91'

Tool-Live in Roseland, NY 2/18/94

Tool-Live in Houston, TX 12/12/96

Tool-Live in Indio,CA 10/10/99(double)

The Urge

The Urge-Live in Birmingham,AL 8/9/00


U2-Live in Dublin, Ireland 10/26/89 (double)

U2-Live in Charlotte, NC 3/29/01 (double)

U2-Live in Atlanta, GA 3/30/01 (double)


Zebrahead-Live in Chicago, IL 3/20/99



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Thomas C.


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