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Unlike their older sisters, the last three daughters of Akhenaten and Nefertiti are known to us only from represenations in palace decoration and the tombs of Amarna's nobles. It is in the tomb of Panehsy that Nefernefruaten-Tasherit first appears. In another tomb, that of Meryre, she is somewhat incongruously referred to as "King's Wife and Daughter," but this is most probably an error on the part of the (illiterate) artists charged with decorating the tomb.

Nefernefruaten was the last of Nefertiti's daughters to carry the "Aten" element in her name, and it is not insignificant that she was likely born by Year 8, after which a different form of the Aten's name is used.

Her own youth did not save her from a short history. She is present at the Year 12 celebrations, and is one of the three princesses who remain to mourn the death of Meketaten in Year 13 or 14, but elsewhere in the tomb her image is plastered over while that of Meketaten is left unaltered. This suggests she may have predeceased her older sister. No possible funerary equipment or place of burial is known for her, but it is probable that she was interred in the Royal Tomb with the rest of her family.