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These are some of my favorite sites concerning ancient Egypt and the Amarna period. May they be of equal help and enjoyment to you.


Queen Akhesenamen's Palace & Virtual Amarna: These two sites were both constructed by my dear friend Jenna, a fellow artist and Amarna enthusiast. Both sites provide further information on the Amarna Royal family, including the throne names of the pharaohs and essays on Tutankhamun and his relatives, such as his probable mother, Kiya.

The Akhet Internet: A wonderful Amarna resource, including plans of the royal tombs, and several wonderful art links.

Do We have the Mummy of Nefertiti?: An essay by Marianne Lubane on one of the unidentified female mummies found in the tomb of Amenhotep II. Very compelling and thought-provoking arguements as to why these remains might be those of the great queen.

The Akhenaten Temple Project: History, information, and updates concerning the ongoing research and reconstruction of Akhenaten's dismantled temples.

Pharaohs of the Sun: A wonderful site centered around the recent "Pharaohs of the Sun" exhibition in the United States. Includes wonderful pictures of several artifacts that are not in the exhibition catalogue, 3-D views of several pieces, and information on current on site excavations.

Genetics vs. Aesthetics: A very informative debate concerning the appearance of Akhenaten and his family and possible causes thereof.

Amarna Art & Tutankhamun's Gallery: A wonderful online gallery of Amarna art featuring several pieces you rarely see anywhere, let alone in such decent photos. Tutankhamun's page shows excellent profile and close-up shots of both well-publicized pieces and more obscure ones; the close-ups of the king's ushabtis are especially interesting. Both pages are part of a larger gallery of Egyptian art which is well worth a look-see.

Ankhesenamun, Isis of Tears: Covers many aspects of Ankhes' life and the Amarna period in general; most notable for the rarely seen sculptures shown in the Gallery.

Bringing Back the Dead: Computer and artistic reconstructions of several Amarna faces, based off of mummies, statues, and reliefs. The reconstructions of Ankhes are incredible.

Cult of the Levites: A look at the theory that the Levites were religiously inspired by Akhenaten's monotheism.

The Aten Dazzles: This site boasts biographies on some of Amarna's lesser known and less studied characters, like the queens Tiaa and Mutemwia.

Amarna: An online gallery featuring many excellent pictures of Amarna artifacts, many of them famous, a few dubious, and all beautiful to behold.


Egyptian Art: An online collection of the Egyptian treasures held within the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. A provenance is given for pieces where such information is available, as well as a detailed description and history of ownership. Oh, yes, and the pictures are excellent :)

The Valley of the Kings

The Theban Mapping Project: The best site on the web concerning the blessed Valley. A clickable map of the Valley allows one to read about selected tombs as well as view pictures and plans of the tombs themselves and their decoration. Emphasis is placed on Tutankhamun and the ongoing excavations in KV5.

Miscellaneous Egypt

Pharaoh Maatkare Hatshepsut: The life and times of the Lady of the Two Lands, Hatshepsut, who was arguably Egypt's greatest female Pharaoh.

Gateway to Ancient Egypt: Information aout the whole of Egyptian history, from the Archiac period right down to the Ptolimaic and Roman periods. Egypt's great tmples are also discussed.

Per-Ankh: An excellent source on Egyptian mythology, religion, and the beliefs and practices thereof.

The House of Netjer: The only practicing church in the world dedicated to the dieties of the Nile.