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Will we live again?
I do believe it so.
But until I really know,
I'll await her eternal soul
at ... The Peak of Passion

Standing in Motion / 2000

Iwould like to dedicate this site - indeed, the whole of my life - to Standing in Motion, whose wish it was that his site Ankhesenamun: Queen of Destiny be left in my care. I have left his pages intact, and shan't change a thing; true beauty cannot be improved upon.

My Dearest, know that you are always in my thoughts, my heart, my ka. May your heart be as light as the feather of Ma'at, and the Netjeru know the splendor of the company they keep. I love you. I await you.

Past, go away
Future, you too
Now is all I care about
Love, remain
You're the reason
Now is all I long to know
So now, smile for me
And now, sing that sad song
So now, try not to weep
For that sad song is
the reality we run from
Each wrenching note pushes us
back to where we came from

Time, stop here
Life, hang on
Now is but a shooting star
Mind, let go
But don't dim
Now is an inquery to be answered
So now, reach for it all
And now, don't fall back
So now, stall if you will
For that plight is
the dying of our wishes
The nearer the ground,
The deeper despair wishes

Heart, beat again
Soul, breathe once more
Now is the companion I need
You, my heart
Soul, that's you
Now you may embrace me
So now, hold on, hold on
And now, say what we feel
So now, keep moving on
For what you're saying
Is the truth we know to be
The clearer our voices,
The more it is meant to be

Sheritra / 1999