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10-12-97 ... Michael Sauls : How did you like Gordon's wreck today? I hope everyone is pissed at him and they try to wreck him the rest of the season.

1-20-98 ... Tom : I think Gordo needs a good scare, he drives without thinking a danger to all.

2-18-98 ... Liz Smith : He is so goody-goody and wholesome, that watching him is like watching a rerun of the Brady Bunch. Sugar overload!

2-23-98 ... Joseph Chapman : A young man that drives a racecar like he can Mr. Gordon will do. As for Crusty Rusty that's another story.

3-22-98 ... Bob Dunn : I think that your page sucks!!! You are totall wrong about Jeff!!! I bet you that at least once in a drivers career time that they bumped into people to win, Dale E. and Rusty HAVE done it before! Jeff has been racing since he was 5! I don't see anyone else doing that. If you get sick of watching the races becauseJeff keeps on winning, then don't watch them. I bet that you wouldn't mind it if your favorite driver won a lot, (which means that they are good) you wouldn't get bitchy about them!!! Since you have a thing about him already and thenhe is winning, you just don't like it that your driver doesn't do as good as him!!! So up your's!!!!!!!

2-15-99 ... Jim Butler : I think you all are all jealous of Jeff Gordon's great ability to drive a race car.  I have never seen Gordon hit anyone intentionally.  Rusty  Wallace on the other hand will take out anyone who gets in his way.  Gordon probably does so good because God is the first one he thanks for a good safe race.  There are not many drivers who will thank God.


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