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This is a joint effort with other Gordon haters. Jeff Gordon drives dirty, if he can't pass you he will bump you so you slide, just like he did Rusty and like he does anyone else that may be in his way. He doesn't know the meaning of clean racing. After the race he is thanking GOD for his help in winning, what he should be thanking GOD for is that he didn't kill or hurt anyone when he was bumping then during the race. If he doesn't win, him and his crew chief Ray Evernham are crying and are blaming everyone else for his loss.

If he ever has a bad wreck lets see how cocky he is then. They will probably have to change his clothes. We don't want to wish him or anybody else any harm, but Gordon needs to be taken down a peg or two and someday he will be.

Good news everyone at Bristols on Saturday night (Aug. 23, 1997) Mr. Wondertwit hit the wall, with a little help from Jeremy Mayfield and Geoff Bodine rubbed him also. At the end of the race Gordon was 135 laps down. Sure hope he has the same kind of luck this week at Darlington. We don't want him to get the Winston Million, we think that honor should be kept by Bill Elliott. Gordon will never beat Awesome Bill's speed record. THANK GOD.

Okay, guess everyone knows by now that punk face won the million, but if you watched the race and listened to the radio conversations between Jeffy and Ray you know that when they needed a caution flag they got it. It's like they heard Ray telling Jeffy what we need now is a caution, because shortly after he said that, guess what ? a caution came out. Seems kind of strange, doesn't it ?

Right now he is Nascar's Golden Boy, but for how much longer ? It's getting very boring to watch the races now because you know who is going to win even before they wave the green flag. So watch unless you want to see Jeffy finally get what he deserves. Which he will get sooner or later, we just hope it's sooner, that way racing will be fun towatch again. That's the only reason why we watch the races anymore, we are hoping that someone gives him a little (or big) dose of the wall.

Well there is just one race left and Ole Wondertwit is still in 1st Place in the Point Standings, however Dale Jarrett is not that far behind him. lets all hope Dale can get the points he needs to pass Wondertwit and win the Championship.

Well as you know Dale was unable to pass Gordon in the Point Standings, so Gordon won the Championship.

There is always next year ! ! ! !

These are our opinions.

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Well everybody it's a new year for gordon without Ray so we will see how good he is.We wish him the worst luck possible for 2000.