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My favorite huskers, remember that I am only 17 so I have not seen that many play live.

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e-mail me at If i screwed anyone over by putting their pics on my page please tell me. Wow, it's been a long time since I've written last. Boy did we dominate in the Bowl game versus Tenn. I'm glad we shut up Raynoch Thompson and his big fat mouth. Our team and O-line made a big statement that night that we are a team that shouldn't be messed with. I'm really excited for this upcoming year. The offense is going to be something truly special and Thunder Collins might be the big game back to put us over the top. I dont see any problems on the defense. The line will be solid and Stella and Polk are gonna be amazing. The loss of the Brown's really hurts but Walker Finley/Booker Craver and Swiney is as good a group of DB's as youl find. And please, please email me ideas for topics. Got any ideas for topics write to me on the e-mail and i'll use it. If anyone has any questions on the huskers or is looking for pics or something email me because I can usually help.