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 Q: I had a Zapdos. On the bus some kid named P.J took zapdos. I saw him but

i couldn't get it back.He said

that his teacher saw him with it , so the teacher took it away. He said

that he would get it back on June.

Liar!!! One day I spied on him in the bathroom. He had zapdos in his

hand, and was just about to trade

it for Magneton! I told the guy who was giving PJ the magneton not to ,

because it was a bad trade.

How am I supposed to get Zapdos back???


A: Tough! A very similar thing happend to me! What I did once was act really stupid and say you'll trade... um say a Blastoise for it back. Make sure they show it to you. Say you'll make it fair by adding a second card ( act like there getting ripped off) put them in a slicky or sleeve, whatever you want to call it. Have the card really be cheap cards, put them in back up, so you dont see the card, only the back. Staple the top to say they wouldn't fall out. Do this in the bathroom... he can't tell on you, of course. You might risk getting beat up, but since you take the bus, it'll be more safe when you go leave school. I don't take the bus, so I don't know what being on the bus is like but I hope it'll work. If something I said you can't do, E-mail me. What I did I did outside, where I could run ( It worked, so I hope yours work. PJ may be a little smarter than they were.) You could just plain take it back, or get another kid to do this trick for you and give you Zapdos back.