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Once again we find Kenny and Erik walking along some road on their quest to become pokémon masters. Thankfully this story won't be plagued by that idiot Korey. Erik and Kenny managed to dump him and that annoying girl at the pokémon tournement at Cerulean. Hi this is Jolteon, the friendliest member of the eevee brothers. I belong to Erik but he's barely smart enough to remember what moves i know so i am kind of running the show. Any way, we were walking down some road towards whatever town was nearest. Of course flareon was being a show-off and vaporeon was walking quietly so i really had no one to talk to. I looked up at the sky and soon found myself daydreaming about being able to fly........"lucky Zapdos" I was shocked out of my dream when I suddenly found myself in the middle of a field with nobody in sight. I panicked and started running the direction i thought i had came from but it was no use...I was lost. I called and called for Erik, Kenny, and even Flareon but no one answered. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me "You to huh?" I turned around and there was a Pokémon like I'd never seen before. It had a tiny little yellow body and a zig-zag tail that was brown at the base and yellow at the end. I think Erik called them pikachu, he hated them. I was about to attack the little creature when he spoke, he had an odd accent, i think it was new yorker."Hey bub there's no reason to fight here i mean, you and me are in the same predicament." "What are you talking about you strange little mouse? I'm nothing like you." I said, puzzled. "Sure you are." he said"we've both been abandoned." "Abandoned! Never, Erik may be stupid but he'd never abandon me. I'm his favorite" " Yeah..right you and i both know it you've been abandoned so you might as well set out on your own and i might as well come with you." I couldn't take it any more I started running blindly, kind of stupid considering thats what got me lost in the first place but oh well. I ended up running right in to the rear ends of who else but Belle and Bart. Fortunately they were too stupid and preoccupied to notice. They were practicing their motto, and not doing a very good job of it, they couldn't get past the first line without getting into an argument and beating the crap out of eachother. Abra was sitting there snoring as usual. I quckly sent them all flying with a thunderbolt and resumed my journey. Suddenly I realized that all I had to do was find the nearest city and Erik would be there. I sniffed the air and detected a hint of gasoline... a city! I ran towards the civilization and ran smack dab into flareon who of course had gotten lost and couldn't realize that he was 50 feet away from the nearest building, the idiot. It took little effort at all to find Erik and Kenny considering that they hadn't bathed in 3 weeks and could be smelled 5 blocks away. Now here's what I don't get, they were mad at us. They were yelling at us for making them worry. Flareon and I gave eachother agreeing glances and taught Erik and Kenny not to be so mad at us in a very painful fashion. Any way there is no real point to this story but I though you'd like to know whats been going on lately.