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My own real story!!! also an example!


There was A Kid, I'll call him THIEF, ok?

I have some pretty GOOD Cards, LIKE 1st edition Charizard and 1st edition Flareon! THEIF wanted them REAL bad, and said what will you trade for them, or CAN I HAVE THEM? YOU HAVE SO MANY!!

  well, he challened me at basketball for GOOD cards If he lost, I'd get a gameboy color! (probably not....) Me and my bro (wah wah! My Back hurts! Boo hoo!) went aganist him and one of our friends.

  They played A rule I never herd of, so we quit. THEIF got MAD and wanted to beat me up unless I played. I tricked him and got inside my house (after I yelled SUCKER!!!)



  THEIF wanted to see my cards REALLY BADLY. I SAID, do you want to steal it? Little did I know how right I was.....



At 9:30 that night....

  I just Got Clefairy and Clefable! Had A tounament that the next day, so I made a "chart" to see how many cards I had And what cards, And If I had sixty.

My brother Korey had did the same and was worried, since he couldn't find his Jolteon card

After I was done with my chart, I realized MY FLAREON AND CHARIZARD WAS MISSING I suspected you-know-who! THEIF! I made my mom call his mom and his mom came over with his cards.Luckily THIEF wasn't home, but his cards were. Voila~ Flareon and Jolteon on the bottom, Charizard on the top!

He would have gotton away with just one card, but he got cocky.......They were the Cards he wanted!

THEIF lied and denied his stealing the cards...

Oh and our friend wasn't in on it...He was tricked by THIEF!