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You Found the Secret page!



Mostly Unknown Secrets/facts

Keep coming, more facts all the time! The location is sure to change, though.

I get my info from Gameshark, mostly.

The Hm's were going to be tms above 50!

 You were origanally susposed to get Mewtwo at Level 50! He also had the Move Disable!

Kinises? It's in the yellow version now. It lowers accuracy.

You CAN fish and swim where the S.S. Anne Is... Just don't let it take off!

Green Version is acually the Blue version here in America!

Kakuna's old name was KOKOON!

In the Tv show, Did you notice the bridges to each of the towns were all old and broken?

Japanese markiting advisors told Nintendo that pokémon would not be popular with Americans. They were very, very wrong.

There were very old moves that orginally lowered evade and did damage (I think they did damage, anyway)