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  One day Korey, Kenny, and Erik where sitting in the pokemon center

while there pokemon healed when suddenly Kenny got a phonecall from Professor

Oak. "Kenny" he said , "I need you to bring your pokemon and your friends to

my lab as quickly as possible!" "I've discovered a new TM that makes Flareon,

Vaporeon, and Jolteon talk and you guys are the only trainers I could find

with a complete collection of those pokemon" "We'll be there right away

Professor" They shortly arrived at the professors lab. and they quickly set to

work. "This TM will teach these 4 pokemon to talk!" Oak said excitedly. "Who's

going to go first?" "I will!" Kenny volunteered excitedly. "Just load your

Flareon on to the ramp and press the button." The machine whirred and whizzed

as it taught Flareon Basic English. Flareon jumped out of the machine and

yelled "Kenny" with a burst of flames that turned Kenny extra crispy. "I'm

next!" yelled Erik, I think I'll put Jolteon on first."The machine Whirred the

same as it did for Flareon only this time Jolteon calmly trotted out of the

machine, politely said "Hello Erik" and,in excitement electrocuted everyone in the room.

The electricity short circuited the machine and it blew into tiny pieces

"Oh dear I suppose that this means we'll have to wait a while to use this on

Kenny's Vaporeon and Eevee." Oak said. Outside The two Members of team

rocket named Belle and Bart and their Talking Abra were Talking. "We could Get

rich if we could get those pokemon especially the talking ones!" "Yes but

how?" "Easy, I'll teleport us in and out like that, we can snatch the pokemon

and get out of here." "Perfect." Inside the group was drinking nice glasses of

Macoke, the new pokemon soda while professor Oak was working on the machine

When suddenly Team rocket burst out of the refridgerator and started arguing.

"why cant you ever tleport us to the right place?" "Well how about you steer

next time Mr. smarty pants!" "Guys calm down, we have pokemon to steal

remember?""Thats right! hand over your pokemon" "Or What? You'll teleport us

into submission?" "He's right were such awful trainers that we haven't caught

any pokemon yet. What are we gonna do" and team rocket turned around and

teleported away. "Well that was pointless." "yup." Later that night all the

trainers and there pokemon sat around the fire place telling stories.

Apparently Flareon and Vaporeon gurt into a heated debate over who

was the best of the three and they were kicked out for soaking,

and burning everyone in the room. Eevee was kicked out to for good measure.

the next morning Kenny and Erik were off to bag to their friends. Korey went the other way with his eevee, to celadon.........



The end-Written By Erik.