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Flareon:Welcome to my section of the site.


Flareon:Ok E-mail me at or post at the message board. If it's a dumb question I'll for sure insult you, so BE SMART!


  Common Questions.....


Questions sent in:



A:Hey Flareon if your so smart what number on the pokedex is snubbles?

Q:The same number of your I.Q. quotient, 000



Q: just to burs your bubble there is a way to get the poke gods but you need a game shark. I tried it and got the poke god but it mest up one of my pokemon.


one last this if u could plz also send me the html form your page I PROMICE THAT I WILL NOT COPY IT i just want to see some things on your page.


A: You suck. THERE IS NO FREAKING SUCH THING AS A POKéGOD! IT is a glitch in the game. Good, I'm seriously glad that it messed it up, cheating that way.... You should only get Mew w/gameshark.

Now let's count the things wrong with this, shall we? It was supposed to go to Rotting here. You want to burs my bubble? BURS? please tell me what burs mean? Also, who else is dumb enough to think the PokéGods are real?