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0Eevee: Age1 : Best Friends with Vaporeon, They commonly Fight with Flareon. Birthdate Feb 19

 Sand attack Gender: Female
Tail Whip
Quick Attack





Flareon: age 3: Always Fighting, since he was evolved. He loves playing Jokes and Getting into trouble. He can talk and Understands pokémon language.He was Kenny's First pokemon. Gender: Male Birthdate: April 4


Body Slam/Fire Spin/Flamethrower/Fire Blast




Jolteon: age 2 The other one that can talk, He translates Vaporeon.
She is nicer and less agreesive than the rest of 'em.Erik owns him.BITHDATE:Aug 21

  Attacks: Thunder/Pin Missle/ Skull Bash/Thunder Bolt

Gender: Male





  Vaporeon: Age 2 BIRTHDATE: Oct/12 Gender: Female

Sick of Flareon, They were once best friends intill they evolved. She won't hesitate to make Flareon faint.

Attacks Hydro Pump/Ice beam/Blizzard/Surf