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Rotting's Editorials and Anti PokéGods!

You saw the title. This section will be dedicated to rants and editorials that are Pokémon related, both by me and you, the viewer! Try to keep your rants clean, you never know when younger kids may visit. It will also include my opinions on those ridiculous PokéGods, making fun of the fake codes and their dumb names.


Also expect to see fake codes made by me as parodies of all the insane rubbish the "PokéGod" codes make you go through. Again, you can submit your own purposely fake codes, or fake codes you have seen on other websites (like the Mew under the truck trick). E-mail me with comments, editorials, fake codes, fan mail, (and my favorite: lamer mail) here.



Codes by me:


Get ChronoMew: First FLASH Gary’s sister 50 times. She will kick you out and tell you to get liposuction. Your character’s auto response will be “But my money is scattered all over the place!” Then she will tell you to get a darn bank account and walk you over there. It takes a loooooong time to get there, and she walks right off the screen and appears at your local bank. Now rob the bank and tear all the money into little pieces. Murder the president. Steal Ashe’s Pikachu and actually succeed. Tell your parents what you did. After you come out of jail, turn the Gameboy on again. It will say: “_______ got OLD CHRONOMEW!” and it lives for five seconds. Then it dies and you have to hold a funeral at Lavender town, the most miserable place on the earth. If you don’t do this immediately, the Gameboy will turn into a hideous flesh eating slug. Later I’ll post codes and stradegies on how to defeat this final boss. Just kidding, that was a dumb joke. Reach Cloud City: Catch 151 Pokémon, plus Missingno. and M’. Now release them all except a Magikarp that MUST be at level 5 with only Splash. Now, using the trade technique, catch ‘em all again. Repeat above steps 20 more times. On the 20th time, if the Gameboy timer reads 00:01 (It MUST) then Professor Oak will invite you to a party at Cloud town for being so cool. Now use a Pidgey with the HM Fly and when the map comes up, there will be a new location to fly to, all cloudy and puffy looking. Go there, and you are in Cloud Town. Here everyone walking around either looks like a bird or Professer Oak, and there’s even a contest called “Find the Real Oak!” and if you find him among the 500 other ones, you will get one dollar and a Kakuna at level 0. Good luck!


Play as Gary: Start the game named "BUTTFACE" and pick Squirtle at the beginning. Name him "LOSER" and go through the game without catching any Pokémon but Missingno. (not M’!) at Cinnabar isle. When LOSER evolves, before battling him as Wartortle, see the nick namer and call him “ERASER.” When he becomes Blastoise the game will say “Huh? BUTTFACE and GARY are MERGING! BUTTFACE and GARY evolved into GARY’sBUTT!” Now when you walk around you will look like Gary, and your name is now GARYBUTT. For each trainer you beat up, another cheerleader will follow you, chanting “GO GARY’sBUTT! GO GARY’sBUTT!!” and soon you will have about 400 of them clogging up the screen and you have to use the HM FLASH on them after putting on lots of weight to make them go away. But after that they will come back and steal everything you own, burn your house, murder everyone you know, and beat you half to death. And if you ever lose a battle, they do the same thing.


Get Mewtwo to learn KILL: Beat the Elite four 500 times. Now lose to them until you are broke. Now beat them once more, but lose to Gary. When you come back, he will have taken over and burned the other 4 at the stake. Beat him bringing along just your Mewtwo, who must be at level 100. At the end of the battle, if you win, it will say Mewtwo evolved into Mewtwo, so he stays the same, but then it says “MEWTWO learned KILL!” This move has 10 PP and when used it doesn’t faint the enemy, but it KILLS. What kill does is make the opponent’s HP, moves, level, Special, Speed, Defense, Attack, and Exp. All zero, and they stay that way.


CUT down boulders: Have any Pokémon that knows CUT in your party. You must also have Flareth, Leafeon, Eeveeon, Frosteon, Lunareon, Cloudeon, Ghosteon, Toxeon, Normaleon, Eon, Telepatheon, Farteon, Bouldereon, Champeon, Quakeon, Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Efui, and Luceon (aka Burraki) in your PC. In other words, all the Eeveelutions. Now catch 50 Rattata and 35 Caterpie. Use the fire stone on each of them 80 times, even though it does nothing. Now raise them all to level 100. Use CUT as a shortcut to the Safari zone. Pay the man 500 ¥’s. Now immediately leave. Go back out. Leave. Go back out. Leave. Now it will say “WHAT?! All the Pokémon in the zoo got loose!” And suddenly hundreds of people are all over the city, searching and searching for them. You must look all over the game, pressing A every step you take, in every town, every city, every house, every field, every body of surfable water, every cave, every Pokécenter, and to every person. Once you find Chansey, it will bring you luck and all the other Pokémon’s skeletons will rain down on your back, so you’ve found them. But them the people will think you killed them, and you’ll be hauled off to court. Lose the appeal. Do 30 real-time days of community service, collecting all the Pokémon dung in the streets. Now go the Professor Oak’s lab. He won’t be there. The place will be burnt down and abandoned. Suddenly the screen will say “CUT became ULTRA CUT!” and now you can cut down boulders and buildings and brick walls and people and water and Pokémon, etc. But if you try to ULTRA CUT your way into out of reach areas like Pallet Field, the Gameboy will explode, and so will you.



Codes by others:


HOW TO GET TOGEPI: Switch off your Game Boy and remove the cartridge. Break an egg into a cup and whisk it until it's as smooth as you can get it. Pour the whisked egg into the Game Boy's cartridge slot. Replace the Pokemon cart and power on. Restart your saved game. One of your Pokemon will have been replaced with Togepi.


-Stephen (that's no more ridiculous than some of the "cheats" I've seen)



To get PsyOmadonsey you must catch 250 Glooms and release all of you Pokemon in you PC. Then Toss all of the items that can be tossed. Then go talk to Giovanni in the gym and he will say he is a Human Bomb you have 25 Seconds to escape the gym before it explodes. After it explodes a Lugia will fly up and take one of your Glooms, goto the gym ruins and get the Shotgun. You now have the option to HUNT. Use Hunt around the Entrace of the Safari Zone. On your 72949534290245295525256298587897598213750981 time using hunt you will encounter Lugia with Gloom in its tail. Shoot Lugia 50 times with the infinite ammo trick he should get dizzy from blood lose and will try to eat Gloom for it's move Cure-All (TM51). Shoot Gloom now. Then run. Next time you goto the bike shop it should now be a Auto-Shop. Buy a Car for 500$ and ride around in Virdian forest. If a message comes up saying "you ran over a Weedle" you Game Boy will explode.


If you make it through the forest running over 2 Caterpies and a Pikachu. Goto the Girl in Pewter City that wants a Pikachu. Use Hunt on her and she will give you Pikablu out of fear. Then Use hunt on Loreli to get Elekid. Then on Bruno for CrystalONIX, then on Agatha for WizWar, then on Lance for Lugia, then on your Rival for a Weedle that he said he caught in Virdian forest. Then use String Shot with Weedle on his Alakazam. If his Alakazam uses an attack it will trigger a satilite and it will blow up your car. You will then use Hunt again on Gary and steal his underpants use th underpants on the weedle and it shoul evolve into Shoe. Take Shoe to Prof.Oak and he will say if you use HUNT on all of my Aides the Warden will give you his gold teeth and dance. Take the Gold Teeth and sell them in the Hidden Island Pawn shop. You will get 5813$ go buy another car. And drive around on Cycling road run over all the bikers and the gang leader will show up and shoot your tires out. You will crash in the water use the Mist stone on the Weedle and it will evolve into a Cubone. Teach the Cubone TM52(Electrode) He will teleport back to the auto-shop. Buy the last tire-iron and then sell it at the Pawn Shop. The owner will punch your lights out and steal your WizWar and Lugia use Hunt on him to get them back.


Ok now for the last step. Get a freind with a Lv.1 Nidoqueen a Lv.2 Nidoking and a Lv.82 Togepi with Implosion as its first attack. Trade the Weedl for all of them using the Missingletter Triple Trade trick. The Lv.2 Nidoking should evolve into PsyOmadonsey PKMN#183!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pokedex entery-

PsyOmadonsey the most wild and hardest to feed pokemon,PsyOmadonsey is only mad at its evil step-brother.


-Raditz gets carried away with the rumours ^_^.