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Eriks page

Eriks page

Hello and welcome to eriks page. This page will concentrate on cards and related subjects. first off go and vote for the strongest card at the polls section. I think its Electabuzz. Second E-mail me @ For any comments or complaints about my page.

I dont get what the big deal about the up and coming neo set is. The pokémon look like idiots and i dont like the idea of baby pokémon being able to avoid getting attacked just because they are so cute, which they are not. The attacks arent bad but they are nothing to get excited about. After the release of neo the game of pokémon isn't going to be about who can get the game breaking card first, it will be more strategy and deck construction than anything else.

with the release of the team rocket set many cheese strategies have been nullified: dark vileplume gets rid of any trainer dependent decks and pokémon powers such as remote hypnosis allow you to put your opponent to sleep or confuse them without attacking. Basically the team rocket set has better attacks, lower HP, and sneaky, underhanded moves which usually involve danger to yourself.

Well gym heroes was ok. Some pretty darn good pokemon, Erikas Vileplume for example, Also teamrockets hitmonchan. Gym challenges has some rather risky cards such as Koga's Beedril. the gym sets are some of the best sets to come out actually.

neo is finally here. I'm surprised. Pokemon of this quality have not existed since Fossil. The baby pokemon have punishing capabilities. Especially Elekid who can do your damage if your active pokemon is asleep or paralyzed or cant attack.the new magmar, oddish, and clefairy are fairly good quality. I'm satisfied thats for sure.


Long live jolty!!!