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Pokemon Cards Are in high demand! It is rare to find them in stores (at reasonable prices)the success of pokemon has only slightly opposed to what many people think.


The Cards Themes out in America- Base set, and Jungle Theme, Fossil,and team rocket.


The OTHERS in Japan are: Team Rocket/Fossil/Gym Leader Cards/Gym Leader cards 2 (I think)/Southern Island
Team Rocket's Mewtwo, Gym Set 2.

Cards/Gym Leaders cards 2 (I think)/Southern Island.

Cards/Gym Leader cards 2 (I think)/Southern Island.

The Next Theme:

GYM heroes


Visit The Wizards of The Coast Pokemon Page For Extra Info!


Holofoils are the rarest cards to get. They are usually final evolutions.

Energy Cards are required to play. Each Attack uses at least one energy. each elemental pokemon uses a specific energy, Like Flareon Uses fire energy. Colorless pokemon use any energy, so Many decks have them.

You can only have 60 cards per deck.

If you played the card game magic, You will notice it's similar to pokemon, but just as fun!

  Mew arrives in mass swarms.


Three of my four Charizards. Note the First Edition's condition. I never kept him in a sleeve until last year when I got into cards, so it is worth a lot less. My forth is a normal Charizard. I need only the Japanese promotion Charizards to complete my set.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Pokémon Cards

What is the best pokemon card?






Mr. Mime


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Currently known as Yadoking. Has not appeared in an American thing yet.