Well excuse me

I guess I've mistaken you for somebody else

somebody who gave a damn

somebody more like myself

(Jewel, "Foolish Games")


What I'm thinking: Oh, a bus, let's see if she's on it. It would really feel good to see her again.

What she's thinking: Oh, he could walk here and then he'll look if he can see me. I'd better duck; I don't want that creep to see me.


What I'm thinking: If I'll go to the Kralingse Zoom (a street and a subway station) then there's at least a chance for me to see her sweet face for a moment.

What she's thinking: Is he going to the Kralingse Zoom again? That guy is stalking me!


What I'm thinking: God, she's beautiful... wow, isn't she sweet... and look at her dark, warm eyes... I'll try to be as sweet to her as I can. She deserves it.

What she's thinking: Oh no... I'm an obsession to this guy. Do I really deserve this misery?


What I'm thinking: Everything about her is so perfect... I wish I was handsome! But hey, I'm not, so all I can do is try to win her heart through another way. Of all people, at least shé'll see right through my looks, won't she?

What she's thinking: Damn! This guy keeps sucking up to me. I wish he'd stop bothering me. If at least he were handsome...


Had a good laugh? Good for you. But it's not a joke. It's the bitter truth for someone like me.