I would like to send a reaction on your page against Marilyn Manson. I'm from the Netherlands, so I'm sorry if my English isn't very good.

First of all, you say that every MM-fan will go to hell. I have a few statements that will almost "prove" that this is wrong.

1) Doesn't the Bible say all those things about forgiveness? That God can eventually forgive every sinner? I mean, this life is so confusing, anyone can make a mistake, right? So even if being a MM-fan is a sin, which I don't believe, it could be taken as a mistake and God could forgive anyone for that.

2) Hell is said to be eternal burning in the flames. Hmmm... isn't the pain of burning in flames a PHYSICAL pain? And isn't your SOUL supposed to go to hell? Think about that for a while.

3) What makes you think we aren't already in hell? What about all the people on this earth who are suffering? What about Africa? What about all the animals that have natural enemies who want to kill them? You can read my homepage, http://www.angelfire.com/ne/tgd. Then go to the journal of March 2000. Somewhere in that file there's an "essay" about why I (sometimes) believe that this world IS hell.

Okay, now my reactions on some other statements you have made.

*Statement*: "Followers of the Church of Satan say they don't worship Satan. But they do, because otherwise why would they call it "The Church of Satan?"

*Reaction*: The name "Church of Satan" could be made up by Christians. They saw people follow a different "religion" and called them "Satanists." The basic principle of the "Church of Satan" is not to worship Satan, but the fact that you are your own God. Everyone is his own God. THAT is what Satanism is about. It has nothing to do with Satan. Christians just saw a different religion and thought it was satanic.

*Statement*: MM-music can cause people to kill themselves.

*Reaction*: I'll tell you what causes people to kill themselves. Depression does. I've been diagnosed with psychosis / depression about 6 months ago. I was constantly thinking about killing myself. That was BEFORE I started to listen to MM-music. Depression is an illness. Like other illnesses (e.g. cancer), anyone can get it. And most people who kill themselves, were suffering from depression. Listening to Marilyn Manson music has built my self confidence, although that's still horribly low. But at least now I have respect for myself. I've been raised as a Christian, but believing in God has never helped me respect or love myself.

By the way, Marilyn Manson says it would be very stupid to kill yourself over music. And I agree. No one kills himself over music. People kill themselves because they are depressed. Because they have been bullied by other people all their life; because they don't fit in this world; because they feel out of place; because they feel no one loves them. Again, I've been raised a Christian, but I've never found true love in God. I have believed in him, mostly when I was feeling down and needed someone to pray upon. It has helped me a little, sometimes. But in the end, I don't think I can really be helped by it.

I had reactions to a few other statements, but I've forgotten them. If they're very important, I'll e-mail them to you later.

Here are some things I would like you to know.

1) I don't disrespect you. I respect every human being, maybe every single creature on this earth. You, and lots of other Christians, should take a lesson out of that (Added note: I don't want to be arrogant here. I just wanted to say that he should have more respect for other opinions.). The Bible is supposed to preach tolerance, but on your page (and in a lot of other things Christians say and do), I can't see that. I can live with you. Why can't you respect me and other MM-fans?

2) I don't disrespect Christianity. Lots of people in my family are Christians. My grandfather is probably one of the most religious persons in the Netherlands. And if he found out there's no such thing as a God, his world would fall apart. He finds such great support and comfort in his religion. I really respect that. And by the way, my grandpa usually respects other people, also those who aren't Christians. (Unfortunately, I can't say the same about you.)

3) "Antichrist" is not anti-God. Like Marilyn Manson said: "I'm not against God. I am against the MISUSE of God." Think about all the people who have been killed for their religion. Think about Ambon. Think about Nigeria. (Added note: think about Northern Ireland) People there are killed because of their religion. Think about the Ku Klux Klan. They kill people in the name of God. Think about the.... I don't know the English word for that. I mean those things... crusi... I really don't know the word. I mean those things done by Christians in the middle ages (were those the middle ages?). They went to foreign countries and killed their inhabitants, just because they weren't Christians. (Added note: I meant the crusades)

Finally, I have a question for you. I'd like to know how you feel about other religions. How do you feel about Muslims, for instance? I think lots of Muslims don't know any tolerance, even less than some Christians. But how do you feel about that?

Regards and respect,

 ~ Roelof Smeding