Sunday, December 12, 1999, 1.08

Hi everyone, do y'all miss me? The reason why I don't have much to say recently, is that things are getting better and better. And you would probably get bored if I would tell everything that's going on in my life. Like I have had a lot of different jobs the past few weeks... who cares about that? And who cares about the fact that Feyenoord kicked some French butts last Tuesday? (I do! It was great. I was listening to the match on the radio on my way home from work, and as soon as I stepped into the living room, Argentinian international Julio Ricardo Cruz (DON'T pronounce Julio as "Hulio!" just don't try to pronounce it at all, okay? :-) )scored an absolutely beautiful goal! So I was jumping all around the room... and the final score was 3-0!)

Anyway, I gotta go now to get some rest. I'm very tired. And if you don't hear from me for a while: no news probably means good news.




Sunday, December 26, 1999, 0.42

A few weeks ago I was talking about this song, "Because I love you (the postman song)" by Stevie B. I've got it now! About a week ago, I was talking on ICQ to an old highschool friend of mine, and he gave me this URL - - from which you can download Napster. That's a program by which you can download thousands of mp3 songs. So that's where I first got that song. And a few days later, I went to the "discotheque" to hire some cd's, and I managed to hire a cd that features the song. A few nights ago I spent hours crying because of that song. But now the crying is over, the song gets more and more beautiful.

Last Thursday I had a conversation with my dean. I really want to go back to college in January. And I AM going back.

Sometimes I feel like my parents don't really give a crap about what goes on in my life. Like when I tell my mom something, she just says something like "hmm... sure," like she doesn't really care. It makes me feel kinda lonely. I don't know why I'm saying this, it's probably because I don't have other things to talk about.

Oh, yeah, I've worked a lot the past few weeks. I've delivered medicines for a dispensary, I've worked for the mail company, and some other things too.

I'm gonna quit now, because I have to stay connected while I'm writing this (long story) and it costs a lot of money like this. Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone!