What you should know before reading my writings


  1. I don't blame ******** for anything. Maybe you'll think that I'm mad at her, but I'm not. Nothing of this is her fault. Well, there are some things that she could easily have said -but didn't- that would have cheered me up, but saying those things probably wouldn't have helped me in the long run anyway. Especially not if she wouldn't really mean them. And besides, if what I feel is really a depression, then there's just some chemical imbalance in my head, which of course is nobody's fault.

  2. Some things are very hard to translate. I tried to translate everything as good as I can, but there may be a few things you don't understand. Feel free to ask me a question about it if you're curious.

  3. When I'm writing all my thoughts down to someone, it often turns out to look like this: I say something between braces (like this, which gets very annoying after a while (especially when I do it more and more (and more) often)) (and then you get a real mess (and you don't know what the sentence was all about) and then you have to read everything (yeah, really, everything, see?) again (and then you suddenly see a word of which you think: what's it doing there? (like "again" a few words earlier) so you have to read everything again), because you have no idea what the sentence was all about. While translating I have "cleaned up" the text, which may have lead to many sentences about something very un-interesting. And for the same reason, I have left some (insignificant) things out.

  4. Since most of the people who view my page aren't from the Netherlands, and also because no one can look inside my mind, I sometimes have to explain something. Text in orange are comments which I've added especially for this site, to explain things to you or to point out exactly what I mean. These orange phrases weren't in the original text I sent to ********. Everything that is typed in yellow I DID write to her (even if it's between braces and seems like a comment to people who are viewing this page).

  5. Stars (*'s) imply censorship.


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