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Old Boat Pic's

My Dad and Grandpa built this one. Dad built model airplanes, so that's how he built the hull on this one. 1"X1" pine frame covered with plywood, powered by a 45hp Continental. No electric start on this beauty, I can remember Dad hanging on the cage, pulling the prop to get the engine up to compression. Then hollering for ignition and giving the prop a spin to start it...
Beleive it or not he still has both arms!!!
NOTE: The date on the bottom of the picture is OCT 59

This is Dad's second boat. This was a hand laid hull done out in the neighbors garage. We call'em feed bunks or Flat bottoms. This is a picture of the maiden voyage for this one. Dad said this was about as far away from the bank as he got with this one. They weighed the boat when he brought it out, and I think he said it weighed in at 2000 lbs. He was trying to power this 8' X 16', TWO TON TILLY with a 348 cid Chevy with a 68X38 prop. This was the days before poly, so they put a lot fiberglass and mat in these.
He put on a bigger engine and got around fine.
There are still a few of these out on the river from that same mold...

This one was called the "Pipe Dream". I don't remember who owned this one. It was made out of aluminum pipe welded together with the ends welded shut. The unique thing about this boat was it had no transom. With the pipe ends welded shut they didn't need one. One thing though, you couldn't leave anything in the bottom of the boat. It would wash out the back of the boat when you took off.

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