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Net Friend Photos and Letters

Below are photos sent to me from some nice people that have written to me over the net.

The pictures above are from Kent Piltz in Halifax Pennsylvania. Kent runs in the Susquehanna River which has very sharp rock ledges that makes an aluminum hull a must. Kent says there are about 20 to 25 airboats in his area

The lone picture above is from Richard Wheeler in New York. Richard is running a 472 direct drive caddy on a 14' Cottonmouth hull(SOLD). He now owns a Diamondback that he picked up last winter. He does his boating on Saratoga Lake and the back water areas of the Mohawk River. Richard is wondering if there are any other New Yorkers out there airboating?? Right now he thinks he's the only one thats got the bug.

Reprinted from "rivertalk" the Nebraska Airboaters Association News Letter


A while back some correspondence started taking place between a few members of the Nebraska Airboaters Association and members of an organization called "Wisconsin Airboaters". Much to everyone’s surprise we have a lot in common, except they have more snow than us (of course) and we have the Platte River (unmatched any where for pure Airboat enjoyment). Letters were exchanged, pictures were exchanged, thoughts about airboats and airboating were exchanged and there was even an exchange of raffle tickets. Then by golly the NAA got a new member from Wisconsin. His name is Norm Schein and he is one of the "co-skippers" of the Wisconsin Airboaters, an organization of thirty-five or so members located in Galesville, Wisconsin. They run the Mississippi River and its backwaters. Sounds like they do a lot of the same things we do. (Airboaters must be pretty much the same everywhere). Norm says if any of our members would like to come up and run on ol’ Miss they‘d be real happy to guide you. So keep it in mind. Hopefully Norm and some of the folks from Wisconsin will be able to come down for our annual meeting or maybe next summer for the Rodeo. Glad to have you aboard Norm!

Below are photos sent to me from Paul Strombeck,a member of the Wis. Airboaters Assoc..

Pauls new boat that was finished Dec. 26th 1999.

Paul writes:
Well I finally got the boat. We finished up on Friday and took her for a run on the Upper mississippi River. No too bad on Saturday with highs in the 30's. She runs great and I'm just starting to get the hang of her. My mentor from up there Jim Haugen has given me a real heads up on airboats and their handling. It's a very different experience going from ice to open water and then back again. Anyhow be safe and happy new year........Paul (Duckthor)

A Michigan Airboater Writes

Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 04:51:24 -0400

From: "Mark Meyer"
Hi Randy,
Thanks for the quick reply. Most of the airboats in Michigan are used by waterfowlers, and fishermen in the Saginaw Bay area. Saginaw Bay is very shallow, sandy, muddy, and rocky, with areas of marsh and islands. Snow and ice don't slow me down much. I run my 16' Panther year round, It works great for ice fishing. 1/2" polymer protects my hull and 345 hp & belt reduction keeps me from getting stuck. My boat also has a canvas sleeper for overnight outings. This spring the water level is way low. I will be checking it out this weekend. I will scan some photos and send them later.
Thanks again,
Mark Meyer

An Airboat Builder from France Writes

Date: Thu, 27 May 1999
Tanks for your response.I send you our general documentation. We have a web site : You can see all our products, aluminium boats, small or big. Airboats are for us a little production, 10 per year, but it's pleasure for me. Wehn you have news concerning airboats ( new propeller, new engine or reduction unit...) i'm interessed . But my problem it's to speak a good english. Excuse me in advance wehn all it's not clar. About pictures, i wait my new scanner to be send you goods and news documentations.
Best regards

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