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Just a Few Accidents

Welcome to my "Bad News Page".

I sent this prop in to have SS tips installed after running it for a year. After we got it back the prop exploded after about 10 minutes of running.

Sunk it on this one

I had to go out and patch this one on a sandbar to get it home. I was hoping to get it back in the water before Dad healed up. But the old fart beat me to the punch again. Dad and I built this boat on a shoe string buget and it's probably a good thing I know how to glass with my Dad driving it!! They tell me that there are two kinds of Airboater's that have run into logs. Those that have ONCE and those that are going to!!!

Real bad news on this one!

I think 3 people went to the hospital on this one.. I guess it's true, fire and gas don't mix!!

Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times!

Robin was trying to keep the boat from hitting a sea wall while getting gas. The boat wake hit the back of the boat and smashed her thumb between the boat and the sea wall.. The doctors were unable to save it.

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