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This page is dedicated to Touch Sunnix

Talented, artistic, charming, and beautiful are a few words that can describe Miss Touch Sunnix, a very young and famous Cambodian singer. Touch Sunnix started to sing at an early age and has now grown and matured to become one of Cambodia’s best singers. Her voice is really is really smooth and harmonious. Ever since the first the time I heard her voice, I could not stop listening to her music. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see her in person on my 18th birthday. She was great !, just what I expected, sweet, attractive and her voice was unbelievable.

Here are some pictures of Miss Touch Sunnix:


Here’s Touch Sunnix…Doesn’t she look so sweet & innocent?

I Love this pic of her… she looks cute!

This group pic is of my two neices, Touch Sunnix and myself. (Denver ’99)

This is her when she was performing in Denver, CO.

Touch Sunnix



    1. Min Dael Kernj Soss! – Sunnix & Ponleur
    2. Snaeh Tham Propeynee – Sunnix & Ponleur
    3. Pka Krovan – Sunnix & Dinna
    4. Chnam Oun 16 – Touch Sunnix
    5. Ber Bong Pratna – Touch Sunnix
    6. Thuck Euy Thuck Thom – Touch Sunnix


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