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You thought i was sleeping
But you knew i was upset
Under the covers
My eyes started to tear
You did not believe
You did not forgive
My heart started to tare
As you said you didn't care
It hurts so much
When you think I'm lying
Its like your trying
To keep me crying
You did not seam to care
As i shed my tears
And my soul filled with fears
But maybe you did not see
What you have done to me
You couldn't tell what was wrong
You should have known what went on
I do not want an apology
All i want is to be forgave
And to know that you love me

"The End"

The end is near
Its for all to fear
All will die
When the world darkens
The sky begins to fade
Souls arising from their graves
And towards the sky they lead all to die
Plants dyeing
People crying
Wishing to live another day
Wishing it was further away
the animals disappearing
The ground disintegrating
The world coming to an end
Impossible to mend


We see them flying around our heads
Teenage rivals sleeping in our beds
Hanging pictures on the wall for all see
Urine stains covering sheets
What you dream is not what i dream
Dreams of death alive
Cardboard boxes slept inside
Gods flesh has been fried
Satan's spawn from within
Armageddon has yet to begin
2007 is when they'll see
The time is now for them to flee
Time forsaken now unwrought
What you think is not your thoughts
Unlimited destruction it will be
It has started in 1993


In the mist
Behind the shadows
In the darkness
In an alley
Pouring rain down on me
A ray of insanity on my head shines
I shall be lost and therefore you can not find
The soul within me mangled distressed and has no state of sanity
My head thrives of thoughts
Thoughts of suicide
But i have no where to hide
From the thoughts i have inside
So therefore i must die
And kill all my thoughts of suicide


Why must i cry in my own time
Must it be mine, cause of all the people who lie
Its cause of all the pain torture and punishment
I go though in my own home
All i want is to be left
To be left alone, with no one but my soul
All around me people crowd
Why must it be that way
To be left alone is what i wish
There would be no more tears
There would be no more pain
There would be no more VAIN
Cause all there would be is me
And that's how i wish it to be

All alone just  this one single soul
left with the world in her hands and no more commands