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Misc. Poetry


Oh Lord, Jesus our savor
Don't let me die
Let me survive
This Cruel and unusual behavior
Give me the life i crave
And then will be the only time I will behave
Be strong, Be brave
And do not let tears fall from my eyes
I look unto the sky
And the stars that lay behind
And pray to the only god I know
That things will get better
From this hell I know
They will get better for god tells me so
The mistake i made
Will live through and beyond
My power
As a mother
I can not correct things now
I should have thought things through
As done by very few
I could have done something then
But who knew?
But now i sit in this chair
With my child in my arms
A mistake, That brings much joy
To the world, And all the families
Filled with, Girls and boys
Tears fill my eyes
As i think of my life that is no more
No more fun, No more games, No more toys
The responsibility I have as this child's mother
As this baby sits and stars at new and exciting things
I wonder am i his joy?
I wonder am i the reason he has a smile on his gorgeous face?
right now it is the case
the child i love
only cause of that one mistake
but that's the risks
you have to take


Another year comes to an end
Must say good-bye to all of those friends
Some go on with a life live long
As the days pass by you must be strong
Standing alone in that spotlight
Shivering filled with fright
Hoping and knowing all with be all right
13 years of hard work everyday
To achieve my goals in every way
To become the writer I want to be
Do you see this is me?
If you don't you will in time
As you go down the road, as you go down that line
Achieve your goals
Your life long dream
Your journey in life will soon be told
Say your good-byes to your childhood friends
All the child's play has to end
Growing older
Life may get a little colder
Through the struggles, and many fumbles
mistakes made
But live on and leave the past behind
Live through and beyond
Be one of the successful graduates of 1999

The next poem I think is one of the worst poems I have written,  but I want to see what other people think... So here it goes

Sometimes don't you feel like you need a change
And revolutionize from this pain
The pain that makes you want to cry
The pain that makes people lie
The pain that makes you want to die
Sometimes don't you wish things could be
Like the way they used to be
Sometimes don't you feel like you need a change
And Revolutionize from this pain
The pain that makes you shed a tear
The pain that makes you  fill with fear
The pain that makes your heart tear
The pain that makes you not care
Sometimes don't you feel like you need a change
And revolutionize from this pain
The pain that makes you ask why
The pain that makes you live to die
The pain that makes you live to die
Sometimes don't you need a change
To revolutionize from this pain
So the pain that makes you want to die
So you will no longer have those thoughts of suicide
So you will no longer have to hide
Sometimes don't you feel you need a change
And revolutionize from this pain

Ok some of you people might not know what my next poem is about, Its about a Succubus, a Succubus is a woman demon, who looks like any other woman, but more attractive, more appealing to the male eye, and what this demon does, is makes a guy fall in love with her, and then when they have sex, the demon reveals her insides (the demon inside her) and then she rips the man to sheds, kinda like a prying mantis.. So now that you know what a Succubus is read the poem

"The SuCCuBuS"

In the darkest realms of hell
I await, I await for you
I have no name i have age
I live in the shadows, The shadows of lust
I hide behind this layer of skin
Underneath lies me
A demon you can not see
Killing to live, Killing to love
My way of life
Like no other
But yet my life is but a game
A game to played on mortal souls
Who step within my path
Love and lust its all a game
I own your soul, I own your name
Rest in peace i say
For you shall never see the light of day
Collecting souls, Collecting names
The same routine every day
Another kill, another love lost
For killing is nothing at my cost
Maybe one day you shall see
The truth that lies within me
Maybe one day you'll see behind the skin
And see the demon that lies within
To kill another mortal soul
Is another day added to my lifelong goal
If i should every learn to love
My soul shall shrivel deep in, Beyond the layer you see
And my lifelong journey shall end
And never mend
I kill to live, I live to hate
I hate to love