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Poetry Of Michael Shepard


I sever myself from reality,
And I sever myself from them.
I sever myself from emotion,
As I ascend.

I see the world creep downward,
Into its own abyss.
Mundane life loses meaning,
And I rise above.

High into the cerulean heavens,
The ladder slowly leads.
I step on the next rung,
And I rise above.

They call to me to return.
They seek for me to fall,
Yet I still climb higher.
I rise above them all.

Above the clouds I strive to reach,
Way into the air,
Yet the top is shrouded,
By the haze of the sky I sought for love.

I yearn for ascension,
And find only emptiness.
I desire for attention,
And find only emptiness.
I long for warm embrace,
The embrace of skin upon skin,
  The embrace of heart upon heart,
   The embrace of soul upon soul,
And find only emptiness.

And I plummet.
I fall.
Back to earth.
Back to the world.
Back to the truth.
Back to pain, torture and grief,
But back to life, happiness and joy.
Back to reality,
I descend.



All alone.
Hidden in a world
That's spiteful.
Surrounds me.
And bounds me
To hell.
I'm sinking.
I'm drowning
In the middle
Of a sea of sorrow.
It's sorrow
Only from me
And only for me.
I'm alone.

And the world
Passes me by.
I'm lost now.
In retrospect
I guess I've always been lost.
Wading through
Social disorder,
I wait for
The ravages of the world
To consume me,
And tear me
Limb from limb.
I expect it.
I want it.
I know nothing else.
I'm alone.

The difference grows vague.
Leads to
The acceptance of pain.
I suffer
The ways of the world.
It's hell.
It's twisted.
It's crooked.
Competely fucked up.
I'm broken.
I'm fixed.
I dont know which.
There's no one
To help me.
To tell me
Who I am.
Nobody cares.
I'm alone.

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