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Poetry Of Maria


I donít want to hurt you; it's not your faught.

I don't want to use you and I hope Iím not.

I don't want to lose you your the best Ive had, I want to be with you but I can't say I love, when you can.

I want to stay together but I canít see this lasting forever or even very long,

Iím not using you even though I still think about revenge.

I do fancy you and think about you often, I donít love you and Iím sorry for that.

I'm just scared I'll be like him.


I hate the way people judge before they even know who you are.

I hate the way people keep saying the same things over.

I hate the way people criticise you.

I hate people when they are false.

I hate people when they inflict pain for no reason.

I hate when people hate someone when they just want to be left alone.

I hate people who hate you when you have done nothing.

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