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"Falling out"

In the beginning he said there was a Callous upon his heart
He told me his life just fell apart
Was this true
Or was he just playing me like a fool?
He said his mom died when he was five
But was that a reason to hide?
His brother died three years back
So is that a reason to slide of track
He said he would love me till the end
Obviously not my dear friend
Vicious words flying in the air
He said "I will be back, I swear"
He packed his bags, and slammed the door
Left me alone crying, tears puddling on the floor
He turned and walked away from any other problem in his life
He said he loved me, He said he wanted to make me his wife
He proved himself wrong that day
Cause he turned and walked away
Never gazing in to his eyes, Never feeling the warmth of his touch
Never, Never again, Missing the things I love so much
Now i wonder about the callous upon his heart
Is it torn to shreds, or just fell apart?


Our lives have been entwined year after year
Some of the pain has been hard to bear
As our words lay on a deaf ear
The feeling put another tear
To my heart....because i really care

Silence is sometimes the best way to be
Cause I'm so afraid that you'll take flight and flee
Fear makes it really hard to see
What the future holds for me and thee

With you by my side I shall be strong
To endure the ups and downs all life long
For you and I do belong
Together again...To trudge along

"My Love"

Safe in the arms of the one I love
Holding me close to you
As i wonder what did i do to deserve you
Sincere, Loving, Caring, Knowing, Believing
My love, You are
In my eyes
To me you are the one
Now that i have you within my reach
I don't want to lose, I don't want the distance that once was
Without your arms around me safe at night
Wouldn't be the same
Without you here, For you are my life
You are what
Makes the hands on the clock move right
You are the
Solution to every fight
You are the one
Who makes my heart go pitter patter for your love
You are the one
Who holds my heart within the palm of your hands
You are the one
Who controls my heart and mind
You are the one
Who molds my essence into something unattainable without you
You are the one
The one I love
You've walked through my door, And showed me you cared
For it was worth that one day
And many more days we will share
In your arms i rest through the night
Knowing you are there
Just within my reach
You are there
My love