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Poetry Of Emma J.


 Its lonely on my own, without someone to hold, no one to love, it gets so terribly cold. I thought i'd recover and get it out of my mind but still it seems i have not left those feelings for you behind. As i contemplate the memories i have of you i relise the position im in, it just wont do. I go to the phone and dail your number but i panick and hang up, why must i keep these emotions so confined? why cant i face you and just speak my mind? Everytime i see you my heart skips a beat but everytime i get close to you im carried away by my nervous feet. I was confuzed when i let you go, now i want you bak and i just wanted you to know, that ive loved you from first sight and no matter what anyone else has to say ill continue to love you in every which way.

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