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Poetry Of Emma Michele Thomas

"The g
irl with the scars"

I've tried so hard to forget the pain.
On the day when I reach for the blade again.
My eyes fill with tears as you stare at me.
If I lift up my arms, what do you see?
You see scars and blood and pain.
While I feel release from the world again.
You call me a freak, you laugh when I cry.
Head hung low, you'll dance when I die.
You run to mummy to keep safe from harm.
Because I'm just the girl with the scars on her arm.
One day when you've gone to a lonely place,
and I'm still the girl with the scars on her face.
At least I'll be happy when you're lost in the stars.
Because I'll be more than the girl with the scars.

Copyright ©2002 Emma Michele Thomas

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