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Ok so lets get started my name is Shannon, I'm 18 year old and from New York. I enjoy writing poetry and also have written a couple songs but I think they suck. I think I should just stick with the poetry. All my poetry is written from my own experiences, other peoples experiences, things I have dreamt about, or just plain old exaggerations. Well, if you lived in this boring town you would have to find something to occupy your time in my case it would be poetry and writing.And It is  finally paying off...I had my poem; My Love  published in 3 different books, and it is still being published in various anthology books this poem is located    Here    And also   Here   Just Put in Shannon Carey in search for poet...

Well, I do work, I'm a TeleMarketer for a law firm I get them new clients for their colletion department. Hehe..Well, anyway I like playing online games such as Ultima online, I play on the Atlantic Shard...Really cool game Im addicted hehe. you probably don't want to hear about my boring life, So get on to the


By the way these are my favorite cartoon characters